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Betina's New Lip Balm Flavors

Your favorite lip balm made of natural ingredients is back! Betina's lip balm collection includes new flavors like Almond Biscotti and Sorrento Lemon and Cream. Shop all flavors below.

Natural Handmade Soaps

Betina's mission is to celebrate nature and its many gifts in a creative, but responsible manner, and to facilitate your connection to its great wonders.

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Last Chance Sale on Seasonal Chocolate Soaps

Betina Skin Care has a limited quantity remaining of winter and Valentine's Day seasonal chocolate soaps and they are only $4.75 each. Indulge and stock up before they're gone!

Testimonials From Real Betina Soap Users

The charcoal soap is a miracle worker. I’ve used it to successfully get rid of anything from poison ivy to cradle cap. I had to buy a bar from a different maker on Amazon during Betina's hiatus. It was $13 for one bar and wasn’t half as good!

For years, I have suffered from eczema on my legs. It happens in the cold. I've been using the Betina Dead Sea Mud soap for about 6 months now and the eczema has cleared up completely. Great products! Can't wait to wear shorts.

I am in love with natural skincare products that Betty and Betina Skin Care offer. Especially the bar soap, feels great to put something on your body that does not dry your skin out aftwerward, and in fact, does just the opposite.

I love all of the scents of soap that Betina Skin Care has, the bars are natural, soft to the touch and have a nice smell. The soaps made with lemongrass are my favorite to use and all of the scents I've tried are long lasting on my skin.

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