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5 Ways Your Skin Benefits from Camellia Oil

Hair and skin benefits of camellia oil

I have always been aware that Camellia Oil existed, but not until recently did I realize how many skin benefits it has. I just reformulated my silk and satin hand and body lotions to include this oil, and on my first test, I could immediately feel the velvety softness it left on my skin.

In addition to the satiny feel, there are many other skin benefits of Camellia Oil. I have waited far too long to use this remarkable oil, so let’s now delve into all it has to offer.

1. Camellia oil is light and non-greasy

First of all, Camellia Oil (also known as Tea Seed Oil) is derived from the seeds of the Camellia plant which is found in eastern and southern Asia. The oil is light and non-greasy and the skin soaks it up readily, making it a perfect oil to add to lotions and creams.

2. Camellia Oil is an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging

Here is even more good news. Camellia oil is antioxidant, making it a great fit for anti-aging products by helping to protect the skin from free radical damage. It is also anti-inflammatory, assisting in the reduction of inflammation on the skin.

3. Camellia oil is a great ingredient for treating irritated skin

Camellia oil is an excellent ingredient for aiding in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, acne or any kind of irritated skin.

4. Camellia oil can moisturize and restore dry, brittle hair

And although I do not produce any natural hair products, I understand this oil helps to strengthen hair roots and moisturize dry brittle hair, making the hair silky and shiny.

5. Camellia oil soaks in and works rapidly

Since this oil is light, non-greasy and soaks in rapidly, you can use it directly on the skin as a facial moisturizer or it can also be used to soften and moisturize rough patches of skin such as heels and elbows.

Now that I am a fan, I will be thinking of other products where I can use this wonderful oil!