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When the Fear of Failure Stops You From Making Natural Soap

Getting started making handmade natural soap

Over the last several months I have been attempting to make an exfoliating facial cream cleanser. After six attempts, years of experience making gourmet, high quality soap, and much research, I am closer to my goal but still have more attempts to make to obtain the finished product I envision.

How many attempts will it take? I don’t know. So as I was making these attempts, and yes, throwing away good ingredients that didn’t work, I started thinking about people who have approached me over the last 15 years of my soap making career.

small business fear of failure

Well intentioned and enthusiastic people, both men and women, would tell me of their desire to learn how to make soap. Some would tell me about all the research they had done and others would go as far as to say they had even purchased the ingredients to make the soap, but none could pull the trigger and make their first batch. Why? Because they were afraid they were going to fail.

My answer to them was always the same “yes, you are going to fail at some point”. But I would quickly add “don’t let that stop you if you truly want to learn how to make handmade soap”. None of us learned how to ride a bicycle on the first try, did we?  Even today (as much as I hate to admit it), I can get an occasional batch of soap I don’t feel is salable. But I do try to figure out what I did wrong and then keep going.

So I say to all you wannabe soap makers out there, fail, and then get on with it!